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Superior, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota Misdemeanors Criminal Defense Attorney

Stephen R Zuber, S.C.Attorney At Law has over 30 years experience in tackling difficult criminal defense cases in Superior, Wisconsin as well as in Duluth, Minnesota, and their surrounding areas. As a former special prosecutor and criminal trial specialist (National Board of Trial Advocacy), Attorney Zuber has extensive knowledge of understanding the criminal justice system, with respect to both sides of your case. When people are accused of a crime, they face the terrible prospect of going to jail, or of it affecting future possibilities. Mr. Zuber will aggressively represent you and help you protect your rights.

Misdemeanors are called the "lesser" crimes however that is not always true. For professionals and every day working people a misdemeanor charge might be the only instance in their lives when they get accused of a crime. For this reason a misdemeanor charge can cause increased anxiety, worry and concern, not to mention the possibility of six (6) months to a year in jail, plus court costs, fines and restitution. 

​Employers can discharge an employee due to a misdemeanor conviction and it could seriously impair the ability to obtain future employment. Some misdemeanor convictions for crimes like bad checks, embezzlement, petit larceny, etc., are considered crimes of moral turpitude and can affect the character of the person in the eyes of the law. It is very common for teenagers and young adults to make poor choices or to be in with the wrong crowd. A bad choice or a bad time in a young person's life could end up having tremendous negative consequences if it resulted in a misdemeanor conviction. 

Attorney Stephen Zuber understands that "good people make bad choices sometimes; that bad things happen to good people; and that anyone could be with the wrong person at the wrong time."  Mr. Zuber is an experienced criminal defense attorney and has represented almost every type of misdemeanor crime in Wisconsin & Minnesota. Mr. Zuber’s clients have included doctors, teachers, students, and everyday hard working mothers, fathers and their kids. Mr. Zuber’s career is dedicated to providing his clients, with the highest quality advice and counsel for these serious problems. When Mr. Zuber evaluates your problem he looks for Constitutional, Statutory, and other legal or factual defenses that might help you. While he sometimes employs private investigators, attorney Zuber often chooses to personally talk to witnesses himself so he can obtain first-hand knowledge of the facts of your case. 


Each time Mr. Zuber accepts a new client and takes on a new case he makes a pledge to his client and himself that he will zealously and vigorously represent, defend and counsel that person to the very best of his abilities. Each case and each client is different. Mr. Zuber begins his representation by having a thorough consultation and interview process. During this time he learns as much as he can about the facts of the case and about his prospective client. Attorney Zuber recognizes that the decision to hire any lawyer is a personal and often times difficult decision. Mr. Zuber’s reputation for competence, diligence and integrity are solid in the legal community. Mr. Zuber is constantly referred clients by other lawyers and satisfied clients who saw first-hand how dedicated and aggressive he is for clients and their causes. Attorney Zuber defends individuals who get charged with criminal offenses because he believes that everyone is entitled to first class defense.

Don’t let a criminal charge or arrest jeopardize your present or future opportunities!

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